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Types of Repairs

ABS/Anti-lock brakes Fuel lines Radiators
Air bags Fuel pumps Radiator flush
Air conditioning Gas tanks Recall searches
Axles Gauges Seat belts
Ball joints Headlight aiming Sensors
Batteries Head gaskets Service bulletin search
Belts Heaters Service engine soon light
Body Trim Hoses Struts
Brakes Inspections Shock absorbers
Catalytic converters Instrument clusters Speedometers
Check engine lights Intake manifold gaskets Springs
Computers Leaks Starters
Cooling systems Lighting Steering
CV boots & joints Maintenance service Thermostats
Defrosters Manifolds Tie rods
Diagnostics Mirrors Timing belts
Differentials Mufflers Tires
Door handles & hinges Noises Trip inspections
Door locks Oil changes Transmissions
Electrical Power & manual windows Tune up
Engine & trans mounts Power accessories Used car inspections
Exhaust Power locks Water pumps
Filters Power seats Wheels
Flywheels Power steering Wheel bearings
Fuel injection Rack & pinion Wipers Wiring

The Auto Clinic is pleased to provide you with a free no hassle price quote on any other repair your vehicle may need. Please call or drop us an e-mail and we will respond to your request immediately.


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